This is kind of a curveball. I've always heard it speculated that the Clippers would make sense for Paul Pierce since he grew up in Los Angeles. I hadn't thought of them wanting Kevin Garnett instead, though that makes some sense. Of course, how much sense it makes to the Celtics is another matter. My quick take on it is this: It depends. Will the Celtics decide to "sell" and build for the future? Would Kevin Garnett decide to retire at the end of the season either way? What other offers could we get for him? Clear all that up and I'll tell you if this is realistic or not. I'd hate to see Kevin Garnett go almost as much as Paul Pierce. But not quite. As much as KG has meant to this franchise, he didn't play his whole career here. So if the Celtics decide to start breaking up the band and if he is willing to waive his no-trade clause to play for a contender this year, then we could do worse than to pick up a guy like Eric Bledsoe.