A weeklong selloff wiped out $4 trillion from global stock markets but don't expect the value of NBA teams to suffer. The average team is worth a record $1.65 billion, 22% over last year, and every team is worth at least $1 billion for the first time. Franchise values have tripled over the past five years. Credit the league’s economics, in particular, its international growth prospects, which are the best of any major U.S. sports league. It's not outrageous anymore to envision a sports world in which NBA teams are worth more than their NFL counterparts. Investors believe the NBA has far greater potential to grow overseas than the NFL, which has struggled beyond the U.S. NBA revenue outside the U.S. is growing in the high teens annually. The average NFL franchise is worth $2.5 billion, 52% more than the typical NBA team, but that spread has been more than halved in the past five years. The NBA is already selling at higher multiples: Recent deals for the Brooklyn Nets and Houston Rockets value the teams at roughly eight times their regular-season revenue; NFL franchises are worth closer to six times revenue. “The NBA is extremely well-positioned for international growth,” says Sal Galatioto, president of leading sports finance and advisory firm Galatioto Sports Partners. “The product is excellent and interest in basketball around the world continues to flourish.”