Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose of Grantland have ranked each NBA team for the upcoming season accompanied with a video overview for each team including off season changes, expected starting rosters and possible trade scenarios. They are highly entertaining and provide some insight to each team’s chances of success or failure this year. Below are the rankings, team overview and a link to the preview article with Grantland video.

07:44am EST | Oct 31
Getting a lot of comments disagreeing with Bill's rankings. Rank your top 10 in the comments below and let's discuss.
02:53pm EST | Oct 30
The rankings were done by Bill Simmons of Grantland for the regular season only. These rankings are not to indicate who he feels will win the championship but where each team will finish the regular season. 

See where your team ranks below and click on the team preview link for more info and the Grantland video for that team. 

If you disagree with the rankings, let us know in the comments section at the bottom. We're always up for a good debate. 

02:52pm EST | Oct 30

30. Philadelphia 76ers

They’ve already been nicknamed “Tankadelphia” as they have sent away the core of their team and brought in a lot of young talent in a hopes of losing a lot of games and winning the Andrew Wiggins sweepstakes. They will sit Nerlens Noel for the season to ensure his knee fully heals and then look to start the 2014 – 2015 season with a much stronger team with Wiggins at the center of it. 

02:52pm EST | Oct 30

29. Phoenix Suns

A lot of new faces from players, coaches and front office changes are setting the Suns up for a major rebuild. They’ve done much the same as the 76ers and dumped a lot of veterans in exchange for younger talent. The addition of Eric Bledsoe is a positive sign, but is really the only one at this point. This is another contender in the Wiggins sweepstakes.

02:51pm EST | Oct 30

28. Orlando Magic

This team is a long way from the days of Dwight Howard, but they’ve done a good job of rebuilding in his absence with some great young talent, specifically newly drafted Victor Oladipo was burst on to the scene in his senior year of college. With other young studs like Tobias Harris and Nikola Vucevic, a few more years of experience for these players will see them slowly climb the rankings and get back to the playoffs. It is going to be a few years and a number of draft picks before this comes to fruition though. 

02:50pm EST | Oct 30

27. Utah Jazz

This is a team that is on the cusp of either tanking for Wiggins, or putting in a solid run to make the playoffs. They’ve moved a lot of big names (and contracts) with Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson where Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter will step into the starting roles nicely. Trey Burke, while injured, is considered to be the early steal of the draft. This is a team that needs to decide what kind of season they want or just roll the dice and see what the rookies can do. Losing the season could mean winning the lottery. 

02:50pm EST | Oct 30

26. Charlotte Bobcats

Questionable draft picks and management concerns cloud the future of this team. The Bobcats were improved from last season, but that isn’t saying much. They have a lot of young, unproven talent like Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Kemba Walker that need to make the step and become leaders on the team for them to have a chance of making the playoffs. They should win more than the 21 games they did last season, but not many more unless we are all wrong about Cody Zeller. 

02:49pm EST | Oct 30

25. Sacramento Kings

Lots of additions and a few departures have changed the look of this team. Greivis Vasquez, the assist man in New Orleans last year, will fight for a place on a team filled with guards. Shaq is now an owner and Mike Malone the head coach in charge of mentoring the temperamental DeMarcus Cousins. There are a lot of pieces that need to work together for this team to succeed and win more than 28 games this season. 

02:49pm EST | Oct 30

24. Boston Celtics

The Celtics are in a serious rebuild phase as they dealt the core of their team to the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for questionable talent and expiring contracts. Doc Rivers is now with the Clippers and Rajon Rondo is still sidelined. This is a completely different team and Brad Stevens will have a lot of work to do to make this team a contender again. This could also be a tanking team that fights for a chance to get Andrew Wiggins and considering the players they currently have, it won’t be hard for them to lose games. 

02:49pm EST | Oct 30

23. Toronto Raptors

After finally parting ways with Andrea Bargnani for players who refused to play in Toronto, the Raptors front office is now poised to add to the already talented roster. If Rudy Gay stays healthy, DeMar DeRozan continues to develop and Kyle Lowry can effectively lead the point, there is a chance this team makes it way to the playoffs as the Eastern Conference has only a handful of top teams. There is still the possibility of trading away key players and giving up the scene for a chance to land Wiggins who has publicly stated he would love to play in his home country for the Raptors. 

02:48pm EST | Oct 30

22. Atlanta Hawks

Even though Josh Smith is no longer in Atlanta, Paul Millsap is, along with Jeff Teague, Al Horford and Kyle Korver. There is a strong enough squad that plays in a weak enough division (Orlando, Charlotte, Washington, excluding Miami) that they could win enough games to be in the middle of the Eastern Conference playoff standings. They won 44 games last season and could easily exceed that number if players stay healthy. 

02:47pm EST | Oct 30

21. Cleveland Cavaliers

Trimming the fat this off season was important for the Cavs as they removed a lot of fringe players that were chewing up too much salary. Their additions are even more important with the #1 pick from last year’s draft, Anthony Bennett, looking good through the preseason. Jarrett Jack and Earl Clark were important to their respective teams last year and will be just valuable to Kyrie Irving and the Cavs this season. Irving, Andrew Bynum and Anderson Varejao are all riddled with injury concerns that will dictate the success of this season. This is actually a very deep roster that Mike Brown could mold into a playoff team. Keep an eye on the Cavs this season. 

02:47pm EST | Oct 30

20. Washington Wizards

John Wall and Bradley Beal are a scary combination to play against. Wall has shown glimpses when healthy as to why he was drafted #1 overall. This will need to be a breakout year as this team is starting to get the necessary pieces with Marcin Gortat, Otto Porter Jr. and Nene to have a team capable of winning. This is a franchise in desperate need of a winning season and while it may not happen this year, a trade or a few draft picks could be the final pieces. 

02:46pm EST | Oct 30

19. New Orleans Pelicans

The additions of Tyreke Evans and Jrue Holiday have solidified this team, alongside Anthony Davis, Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon, as future contenders in the West. They will be exciting to watch this year and given a little more time, will be very tough to compete against as these players are quick & powerful, know how to defend and can hit shots from anywhere. I put the Pelicans and the Cavs as the two fringe teams to watch this year given the rosters they’ve assembled. They will both surprise a lot of people this year. 

02:46pm EST | Oct 30

18. Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers are no longer the Kings of Los Angeles, having been dethroned by the Clippers. The Lakers have dropped due to the absence of Kobe Bryant and the loss of Dwight Howard as the team will rely on the aging Steve Nash and the injury prone Pau Gasol to lead this team. Both players are talented, but the depth of this roster is non-existent right now. Nick Young, Jordan Farmar and Chris Kaman were the big off season additions, but won’t be the difference makers to gain back the division title. When/if Kobe returns this season, it may be too late, but a playoff spot is never out of the question for the Lakers as you can never count them out, especially with Kobe leading the charge. 

02:45pm EST | Oct 30

17. Minnesota Timberwolves

Other than Oklahoma City, Minnesota should have little competition in the Northwest division. Kevin Love is healthy and recent additions Kevin Martin, Corey Brewer and draft picks Shabazz Muhammad and Gorgui Deng have given this team the depth they desperately need. Nikola Pekovic and Ricky Rubio were monsters last season and alongside Love, who played only 18 games last season, make this team very dangerous in the Western Conference. 

02:45pm EST | Oct 30

16. Portland Trailblazers

LaMarcus Aldridge, Damian Lillard and Nicolas Batum are a big three in the making. All are talented and near the top in the league for each of their positions. With some much needed additions to round out the squad, players like Robin Lopez, Mo Williams, C.J. McCollum will be required each night in order for this team to compete with the powerhouses in the Western conference. There is a very good chance this team makes the playoffs, albeit a low seed for now. The future is bright in Portland. 

02:44pm EST | Oct 30

15. Milwaukee Bucks

This is almost an entirely new team, but a talented one nonetheless. They no longer have Brandon Jennings & Monta Ellis but replaced them with O.J. Mayo, Brandon Knight, Carlos Delfino, Luke Ridnour and more. There will no doubt be plenty of questions around the chemistry on a team with so many new faces and whether the talent was an upgrade or not. They should still be middle of the pack at the least with a low playoff seed once again. 


02:44pm EST | Oct 30

14. Dallas Mavericks

Dirk is healthy for the start of a season and will now play alongside the talented Monta Ellis. Other additions include Jose Calderon, Sam Dalembert and the return of Devin Harris. Ellis should replace O.J. Mayo nicely and compliment the style of Dirk’s play nicely. This is a team teetering on the cusp of rebuild but we can’t count Mark Cuban out of making a blockbuster deal to solidify this roster once again. They still have a good chance of a playoff spot if things go well, but this team won’t surprise many people this year. 

02:43pm EST | Oct 30

13. Denver Nuggets

Another team that has seen some changes both in the roster and coaching staff. Brian Shaw has his work cut out for him to piece this team back together after the departure of Andre Iguodala and Corey Brewer. They have Ty Lawson who has shown glimpses of superstar talent, who is now required to lead this team along with Kenneth Faried and Wilson Chandler. Gallinari is still out for a while so new guys J.J. Hickson, Randy Foye and Nate Robinson will share the load in the meantime. This could be the start of a decline in Denver but they should still be sitting in a playoff spot when the regular season ends. 

02:43pm EST | Oct 30

12. Detroit Pistons

This team is starting to reach the talent levels they had during their championship runs in the early 2000’s with the additions of Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings to play alongside Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe. Their top draft pick, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, should see plenty of action alongside Jennings and get some much needed NBA experience as a rookie. Mo Cheeks has a few years to mold this this into a championship contender and a spot in the Eastern conference top 8 will be the first step on that road. 

02:42pm EST | Oct 30

11. Memphis Grizzlies

The Grizzlies have had a strong team for the past number of years and the roster this season is relatively unchanged. They fell to the Spurs in the Western Conference finals last year as they were unable to hit shots from long range and the Spurs clogged the paint so heavily that points were difficult to come by. Mike Miller should provide some of the long range shooting they were missing, but the Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph should still score plenty from inside. They are still a few pieces away from becoming the top team in the West and time may be running out as the other Western teams continue to improve. 

02:42pm EST | Oct 30

10. New York Knicks

While they didn’t give up a whole lot to bring Andrea Bargnani in, there are still plenty of doubts as to whether or not he improves this team. Carmelo Anthony won the scoring title last year and will look to have similar numbers this year. J.R. Smith is currently injured and many question his professionalism and ability to make smart decision, on and off the court. Nonetheless, this is still a good team with athletic skill and a tough defense to score on. They will finish in the top 5 of the Eastern Conference but it will be on Melo’s shoulder to determine exactly where that is. This is another typical tough Knicks team that will be fun to watch this season. 

02:41pm EST | Oct 30

9. Golden State Warriors

Young and exciting are the best two words to describe this team that is full of offensive talent. Steph Curry overcame the concerns surrounding his ankle and set a single season 3-point shots made record. Klay Thompson was no slouch behind the arc either as they have now been nicknamed the “Splash Brothers”, raining threes from wherever they feel like. Defensively they have drastically improved with the addition of Andre Iguodala who will step in and guard the opponent’s best players. He will contribute offensively on a well-rounded team that has many people exciting going into this season. There are plenty of factors working in the Warriors favor (Memphis decline, Westbrook injury, Kobe injury etc.) that could allow them to work their way into the NBA finals. This team will only improve as the younger players continue to gain experience with what it takes to win NBA games, specifically the playoffs. 

02:41pm EST | Oct 30

8. Houston Rockets

With the addition of Dwight Howard, the Rockets can now push for a Western Conference title and a place in the NBA finals. James Harden stepped out of the shadow of Durant and Westbrook after moving to Houston with rumors swirling that Durant could actually follow him in free agency. Howard is healthy with many early reports suggesting he looks like he did when he was in Orlando, where the Magic went to the NBA finals. Chandler Parsons should have even more room to knock down shots on kick-outs from D12. If Jeremy Lin bounces back and produces again, this is a dangerous team to play. There will be high expectations for the Rockets this season.

02:40pm EST | Oct 30

7. Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn finished 4th in the Eastern Conference last year led by Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez. In the off season, they acquired Paul Pierce, Jason Terry and Kevin Garnett for expiring contracts and draft picks. The Nets are now favorites to dethrone the Miami Heat given the amount of playoff experience they have acquired, no matter their age. Jason Kidd will have lots of pieces to balance including playing time for his aging veterans along with creating an offensive system that distributes the ball through each player. With such a big trade, there is a definitive risk of team chemistry failing to work, but we have to believe that all these players can check their egos in an attempt to win a championship. 

02:40pm EST | Oct 30

6. Oklahoma City Thunder

Kevin Durant is angry. He is tired of being second best to Lebron and wants to win a championship badly. He’s put up some spectacular numbers as a nice guy, so I’m sure his angry numbers will be insane, especially with Russell Westbrook still sidelined for the foreseeable future. He will still have Serge Ibaka, one of the top shot blockers and all around centers in the league to rely on but has limited options in the rest of the squad. When Westbrook returns, this is still a powerhouse team in the Western Conference that can compete with anyone. Durant has a lot to prove on his own, so look for the Thunder to have an explosive start to the season. 

02:39pm EST | Oct 30

5. Los Angeles Clippers

They won the division title last year even with Chris Paul missing plenty of games due to injury. Doc Rivers has stepped in to coach this team with a plethora of talent at his disposal. DeAndre Jordan should thrive under Doc while Blake Griffin and J.J Reddick will be the other go-to options to spread the floor and keep opposing defenses guessing. Chris Paul, if he remains healthy, will continue to prove why he is the best point guard in the league and take the Clippers to another division title and a run for the championship. 

02:38pm EST | Oct 30

4. Indiana Pacers

What’s not to love about a team that finished 3rd in the Eastern Conference last year and pushed the eventual champions to game 7 in the conference finals? This is a young and talent packed team with rising star Paul George leading the charge in Danny Granger’s continued absence. Roy Hibbert is exceeding all expectations and put on a defensive clinic in the playoffs last year. George Hill and Lance Stephenson were equally impressive throughout last season and will only improve as their confidence grows. Having not lost any key pieces and bringing in some veteran bench experience will only solidify this team as a rival to the Heat throne in the East. 

02:38pm EST | Oct 30

3. San Antonio Spurs

Consistency is key and no franchise has been as consistent as the San Antonio Spurs in the last decade. Greg Popovich is a basketball genius as he has found a way to bring out the best in players that have failed to produce on other teams. He continues to prolong the career of Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili, neither showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. They will easily win 50+ games this season, even by resting Tony Parker,Duncan and Ginobili as Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard have proven they can run this team in their absence. As much as you want to count out this aging team each season, until Popovich and Duncan walk off into the sunset together, the Spurs will always contend for the title. After the game 6 meltdown last season, the Spurs are angry and never want to live through that experience again. 

02:37pm EST | Oct 30

2. Miami Heat

Bill Simmons tends to see things a lot differently than everyone else. How else could you rank the back-to-back champions, the Miami Heat, as second best in the league going into a new season? They’ve lost no one important and have added Greg Oden and Michael Beasley as projects more than anything else to potentially make this team even stronger. There are concerns around Dwyane Wade’s health and Bosh’s ability to impact the game, but they still have Lebron James who is showing no signs of slowing down. They are still a favorite to win in the East and the league overall so don’t read into this ranking too much. 

02:35pm EST | Oct 30

1. Chicago Bulls

The only other player in the last 5 years to win the regular season MVP not named Lebron James? Derrick Rose. He returns after an 18 month layoff but looks to have actually improved as a player, adding accuracy to his shot, inches to his vertical and dedication to his quest for a championship. They haven’t lost any key players with the core of the team still Carlos Boozer, Luol Deng, Jimmy Butler and Joakim Noah, all talented players that can score and play defense. Adding Derrick Rose back into this mix immediately vaults them to favorites to have the best regular season record in the NBA for 2013 – 2014.