It would be difficult to describe this NBA season as anything other than a slog. Between the constant COVID-19-related postponements at the very start of the season, to the constant churn of games during the condensed schedule leading to an uptick of load management for many of the best players. It’s hard to not notice that NBA product has taken a hit in quality this year.

Which had to be expected as soon as the league and the players association decided on a shortened offseason to get the NBA calendar back in order starting with the season after this one. This season has always felt like a bit of a sacrificial lamb. Quality needed to be compromised in order for the books to put back in order. That being said, the long season, even during the best of NBA times, always serves as the cocktail hour to the main event of the NBA playoffs. And even as unsatisfying as so much of this season has been with lackluster play and terrible injuries to great players (Wishing Jamal Murray a speedy recovery!), we should still be excited for a postseason that will see the best athletes in the world compete. The NBA playoffs will always be our salvation.

Let’s start it.

10. Jrue Holiday

On April 9 we lost a rap legend in Earl “DMX” Simmons, which caused an outpouring of love and appreciation for his contributions to the art from people all over the world. Jrue Holiday paid tribute in the form of what looks to be a vintage album promotional T-shirt from the time of DMX’s seminal debut album “It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot” which was released in May of 1998. Holiday is also rocking black jeans and Nike Dunks to round out a simple but clean look in remembrance of The Dog.

9. Jaren Jackson Jr.

If you rock a fur, you are a lock to make this list. Especially when you have the good sense to wear a faux fur from SpiritHoods so you can look amazingly animalistic while simultaneously keeping the wolves from PETA off your back. It’s a win. Cactus Jack X Jordan 1 Highs obviously can never steer you wrong with essentially any outfit. While we think Monfrere leather pants are slightly too tapered, Jackson takes the overall look way over the top by adorning a great talking tee from DONCARE, which reads “Your Boyfriend Sucks.” Show us the lie!

8. Jared Dudley

Dudley manages to wear three of the biggest names in all of fashion, yet somehow manages to still be pretty muted in his presentation. Margiela, Supreme and Tom Ford are nobody’s idea of stylistically reserved brands, yet here is Dudley delicately pairing these three powerhouse brands respectively in a chambray shirt, “Scarface” T-shirt and slacks. Dudley is a magician in his ability to make the extraordinary look ordinary.