The Los Angeles Lakers have wanted to trade for Anthony Davis since he requested a trade at the end of January. Now, according to a new report, they’re “making progress” toward turning the deal into a reality.

Per a notes column by Ian Bagley of, the Lakers have “made progress towards completing a multi-team deal” for Davis, although it’s unclear what players would be going back to New Orleans in such a deal, or whether a third team is involved.

In the same story, Bagley reported that some front office personnel with the New York Knicks would be willing to dole out a max extension to Kevin Durant, despite his likely Achilles injury in the NBA Finals on Tuesday night. The Knicks are still interested in giving Durant many years at top dollar, even if he were likely to miss a large chunk of next season.

On the Davis front, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, per The Inquisitr, said on a Tuesday night draft special that the Lakers would be “in trouble” if they failed to swing a trade for Davis by the NBA Draft on Thursday night and instead used their fourth overall pick on a player.