During the 2019 NBA All-Star weekend, rumors have started to circulate about the possibility of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving playing together on the same team. The rumors heated up days before the 2019 NBA free agency started, with the New York Knicks emerging as the top favorite to land both superstars. Durant and Irving did end up as teammates, but instead of signing with the Knicks, they decided to join the other team situated in New York — the Brooklyn Nets.

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving’s decision to team up in Brooklyn has undeniably changed the NBA landscape. With the “Big Three” of Durant, Irving, and DeAndre Jordan, the Nets have succeeded in turning themselves into a legitimate title contender in the Eastern Conference. However, according to Jalen Rose of ESPN, Irving and Durant would have signed with a different team if the latter hadn’t gone down with an Achilles tendon injury in Game 5 of the 2019 NBA Finals.

In an appearance on ESPN‘s Jalen & Jacoby, available via YouTube, Jalen Rose said that if Kevin Durant hadn’t suffered a serious injury, he would be the one picking the free agency destination for himself and Kyrie Irving. If he was healthy, per Rose, Durant would have chosen the Knicks over the Nets in the 2019 NBA free agency.