The Carmelo Anthony debate has mostly subsided on Pistons Twitter.

Thankfully, my followers didn’t engage me on the merits of the Pistons signing the future Hall of Famer.

But when Anthony appeared on ESPN’s First Take to be interviewed by Stephen A. Smith, many fan bases were intrigued by the possibility – including Pistons fans.

Surely the Pistons, who snuck into the playoffs as the Eastern Conference’s eighth seed last season, could use Anthony’s scoring off the bench.

There’s no way the Pistons – who discussed the possibility of adding Anthony early last season when it was apparent he was no longer part of the Rockets' planning – have 15 players better than Anthony, right? They don’t even have a starting small forward, right?

I chuckled at the debates.

The easy answer when it comes to Anthony is the Pistons don’t currently have a roster spot.