In a roster overhaul, one of the Golden State Warriors’ casualties was playoff hero Andre Iguodala.

Now, the former Sixers first-round pick is on the Grizzlies after a cap-clearing trade, though he shouldn’t remain in Memphis for long. The Grizzlies are in rebuilding mode and likely will either trade Iguodala to a contender or buy him out, allowing the XX-year-old to sign with someone as a free agent.

However it happens, it seems there will be plenty of interest.

Specifically, New York Times’ Marc Stein listed five teams as expressing interest over the weekend: Lakers, Clippers, Rockets, Mavericks and Nuggets.

Of note, Iguodala is under contract for more than $17 million this season, making it difficult for a few of those teams to acquire him in a trade or offer anything more than the veteran’s minimum as a free agent.

Let’s look at where those five teams stand in a potential Iguodala sweepstakes ...

Lakers: This is a team desperately trying to surround LeBron James and Anthony Davis with quality role players, and Iguodala might actually have a bigger role on this team than any other on this list outside of, maybe, the Rockets. The issue: Almost the entire Lakers roster was signed as free agents this offseason and can’t be traded for a while.

Clippers: Los Angeles is all-in and a better bet to contend for a title this year than any team on this list.