NBA All-Star weekend is one of the most anticipated during the NBA season with dazzling and jaw-dropping events, such as the celebrity game, the rising stars’ game where you get you to see the league’s upcoming talent all in one place. There’s the three-point contest, and who can forget the slam dunk contest.

However, should the NBA consider adding some additional events that could peak fans’ interests during the midseason break?

Portland Trailblazers All-Star Damian Lillard thinks so, according to the is backcourt mate  CJ McCollum on his Pull up podcast. Dame Dolla proposed that they should add a 1-on-1 tournament [King of the Court] as an event during All-Star weekend.

“They should have a one on one tournament during the All-Star break for money.  Dame proposed the idea where you can challenge people,” said McCollum.

Recently  I spoke with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and asked him about the possibility of there being a King of the court tournament being added to All-Star Weekend. Cuban said he would be interested in adding it. However, he did add, “It could get too physical, and players could get hurt.