I bet Mark Cuban no longer wishes the Los Angeles Lakers would amnesty Kobe Bryant. After Cuban suggested the Lakers would have to cut ties with Kobe on account of their payroll, the NBA is currently deliberating whether or not to fine the Dallas Mavericks owner (via Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times): The NBA is debating whether to fine Cuban for saying Friday that the Lakers should consider waiving Bryant next season via the one-time amnesty provision. The Lakers would still have to pay Bryant his $30.5-million salary next season but would save the corresponding amount, if not slightly more, in luxury taxes. Though Cuban stated he was just speaking hypothetically, I wouldn't be surprised to see the league slap him with a heavy fine. The NBA notoriously frowns upon owners speaking on the subject of opposing players. Anything outside the realm of "he played well today" is liable to incur a thorough investigation. And when you're a repeat offender like Cuban, forget about it. To say good ol' loose-mouthed Mark actually deserves a fine or any kind of sanction here is dramatic, though.