The NBA's tampering rules when it comes to free agency are a bit of a joke. Everyone understands why there are rules in place to prevent teams from speaking to players who are under contract with other teams. But when everyone knows a certain player will be a free agent and cannot technically make contact with their agent because of the NBA's subjective moratorium, it gets a bit ridiculous. Competitive integrity and all that, but still.

The fact that every team in the league more or less ignores these rules has been an open "secret (if you could even call it that) for years now. Insiders will announce who plans to sign with what team literally seconds after the official start of free agency. This obviously is not because the players decided who to sign with in the matter of a tenth of a second, but because everyone ignores the tampering rules and speaks to potential suitors before the start of free agency. And if everyone is doing it, then nobody is at a competitive disadvantage!