The Cleveland Cavaliers have been rebuilding over the last few years, but one familiar face has remained on the roster from their championship contending years with LeBron James. That face would be Kevin Love.

Even though the Cavaliers have fully embraced their rebuilding process, they have not traded or worked out a buyout with Love. He has remained on the roster in a very limited role. Now, there are some who are calling for the two sides to figure out a way for Love to leave Cleveland.

One NBA executive spoke to NBA Analysis Network about Love’s current situation with the Cavs. He made it clear that the franchise should begin working on a buyout with Love.

“It’s the right thing to do. Kevin (Love) has wasted a few years of his career playing with a group that can’t contend, and he’s still capable of being a major impact piece elsewhere. The right thing to do for him for his loyalty to the franchise would be to work out a buyout and allow him to join a contender while he’s still capable of playing a big role.”