The Suns are getting a reputation around the NBA. Their predraft workouts aren't for the faint of heart or weak of legs. "We've had a number of agents tell us this is one of the toughest workouts — if not the toughest workout — on the predraft circuit," General Manager Ryan McDonough said Friday. "We take pride in that. We want our guys to be really well conditioned. If we want to try to get up and down the floor and lead the league in fast-break points and run teams out of the gym, you're going to have to be in shape." McDonough's words were echoed by two of the six players the Suns brought in Friday. Washington shooting guard C.J. Wilcox said he ran more for Phoenix than he did for any of the other seven teams that have worked him out. UCLA guard Jordan Adams said: "This was the toughest one I've been to so far with all the running, shooting and competition. There were a lot of competitive drills." The Suns have worked out 54 players with at least two more workouts scheduled next week. McDonough said they're important because they give Phoenix the opportunity to see how players match up with other elite college talents, "which is what, obviously, you're facing in the NBA."