THE RUMOR: The Kings have two picks inside the top 10 in this month's NBA Draft but are infatuated with Kentucky guard De’Aaron Fox and are willing to trade their No. 5 and No. 10 picks in order to select him. REPORTED BY: ESPN's Chad Ford ($) THE DETAILS: Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball are expected to be selected 1-2, but after that it gets a bit murky with the 76ers on the clock at No. 3. Fox has rocketed up draft boards and if he isn't taken by the 76ers, then the Suns are likely to draft him at No. 4. The Kings, seeing no way Fox will drop to No. 5, would likely trade with Philadelphia to guarantee Fox is a King. THIS PAST SEASON: Fox has handled himself well in interviews with scouts and teams as he transitions to professional basketball. According to NBA Media, he is mature, smart and handled the spotlight well during and after his freshman year at Kentucky.