Remember the unusual color-on-color uniforms NBA teams wore on Christmas Day last season? The NBA has something even more unusual planned for this season's Christmas uniforms. can confirm that photos circulating on the Internet on Thursday are what NBA teams will be wearing on Christmas Day. The jerseys will have sleeves and, more intriguingly, will not have uniform numbers on the front. Instead, they will carry a team logo on the chest, similar to a hockey jersey, with the uniform number moved to the left sleeve. Each player's name and number will remain on the back, as usual. The overall visual effect is that of a glorified T-shirt. Several of the jerseys were offered for sale earlier this week by an eBay seller called "erikdeals," whose listings for the Christmas jerseys included versions for the Bulls, Heat, Nets, Lakers and Thunder, all of whom are playing on Christmas Day. Although erikdeals' auction listings referred to the jerseys as "warm-ups," the designs matched the Christmas Day game jerseys shown in a recent adidas catalog obtained by SportsNet New York blogger Brian Erni, who covers the Nets, noticed erikdeals' listings on eBay and wondered if they might be Christmas jerseys. He also posted several of erikdeals' photos on Twitter, where they were quickly retweeted and re-posted by uniform fans. When contacted erikdeals on Thursday afternoon to ask about the jerseys, erikdeals initially responded but then broke off communications and removed the listings for the Christmas jerseys.