The NBA All-Star Game amounts to little more than a glorified exhibition that only slightly improves on the unwatchable Rookie/Sophomore match. Nonetheless, fans and writers alike use certain credentials to compare players -- championships, MVPs, All-NBA Team selections and yes, All-Star selections. Ideally, the players on the All-Star team should represent the best players from each conference. By that metric, Chris Bosh deserves to make his third straight All-Star team as a Miami Heat player. The criticisms against Bosh are well-documented. He's only averaged 7.7 rebounds per 36 minutes this year, a career-low. Opposing centers have occasionally dominated Bosh on the glass, like when Nikola Vucevic grabbed 29 boards compared to Bosh's four. Some may argue that Tyson Chandler or Joakim Noah -- rugged defenders who average double-doubles -- should get selected to the team before him. But anyone who asserts that Chandler or Noah deserve a spot on the All-Star team and that Bosh shouldn't be on the team ignores Bosh's vastly superior skill set to those two players.