The Washington Nationals' 28-year-old third baseman Ryan Zimmerman needed multiple cortisone shot in his right shoulder in order to make it through the 2012 campaign. After struggling at the start and having the issue diagnosed as inflammation in the AC joint of his shoulder, the '05 1st Round pick received a cortisone shot which turned his season around. From April 5th through June 24th, the right-handed hitting and throwing infielder posted a .223/.289/.308 line with 10 doubles and three home runs in 56 games and 246 plate appearances. Once Zimmerman had a cortisone shot that found the right spot and reduced the inflammation, the third baseman was himself again (outside of some odd throwing mechanics), posting a .321/.389/.584 line with 26 doubles and 22 HRs over the next 90 games and 399 plate appearances. Zimmerman knew all along, and talked openly about the fact that he might have to have surgery to fix the problem once the season ended. "'If it continues to do this every few weeks,'" Zimmerman told reporters including the Washington Post's Adam Kilgore in June, "at the end of the year they can go in there and take the little chips out." The Nationals' first 1st Round pick and veteran of eight seasons in D.C. wasn't about to miss the opportunity to go to the postseason for the first time in his career, however, and he received another shot in mid-September to ensure that he would be available for the first playoff games in the nation's capital in over 79 years.