If history is a guide, Predators coach Barry Trotz may use the term "lower-body injury" a lot during the 2013 lockout-shortened schedule. According to Predators broadcaster Terry Crisp, who coached the Tampa Bay Lightning in the lockout-shortened 48-game season in 1995, and radio analyst Stu Grimson, who played for the Detroit Red Wings and Anaheim Mighty Ducks that year, groin injuries were the biggest issue. With players not properly warmed up for the short-season sprint, muscle pulls and tears, especially the groin, became common. There were also other issues, like travel and sloppy play, but injuries could be the biggest problem for all teams in the upcoming 48-game season. In 1995, Crisp's Lightning went 17-28-3 and missed the playoffs. Grimson played 31 games for the Mighty Ducks and 11 games for the Red Wings.