These two teams aren't exactly the cream of the NHL's crop, but if the game stays mostly at 5-on-5 Nashville's goaltending could make the difference. Both teams take relatively few penalties and don't draw many from their opponents, so there's hope on that front. The Preds return home to face Calgary in a rematch on Thursday - take the OTF Discount and save money on tickets! Calgary Flames When it comes to making the playoffs, it looks Feaster Famine once again in Calgary. SportsClubStats gives the Flames just a 14.2 percent chance of qualifying for the post-season right now, and they've recently scraped the bottom of the Western Conference standings (now held by Colorado). Dark times, indeed: The Flames' loss to the Kings on Saturday night combined with the Blue Jacket's sudden resurgence and the Oilers' unlikely win over the Chicago Blackhawks today have put the Flames in last place in the Western Conference. The Flames and Oilers have an identical -16 goal differential, although Edmonton has played two more games than Calgary has. Tomorrow's game against the Kings marks the halfway point of the season for the Flames, and with the team being six points out of a playoff spot and the trade deadline quickly approaching, time is running out for Hartley and Co. to right the ship.