Myles Garrett drives an old Volvo, which is sort of the Pabst Blue Ribbon of cars. It is conspicuously lame, the sort of car you drive because driving it is “hilarious.” He also writes poetry and is/was studying architecture at Texas A&M. So, OK, sure, Myles Garrett is some kind of hipster. But … do hipsters love Journey? Because Myles Garrett loves Journey. He also says things like this. “I don’t think I’m the smartest player in the draft,” Garrett tells me, “but if you consider all the things I think about daily, how many things intrigue me and I try to get involved in, I’m up there.” ESPN made an early attempt at at getting to the bottom of all this in a feature/Q&A that follows Garrett around College Station, Texas for a while. In addition to bragging about his intelligence, the likely No. 1 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft declares his intent to supplant Jerry Rice as the greatest football player of all time, and casts himself as an awkward nerd who still dreams of being a paleontologist, and is, like, so weird at parties.