Back in 2011, Brandon Myers was a backup tight end with the Raiders and Kevin Boss was the starter. The two became friends. And so, when Myers this week was considering signing with the Giants he reached out to Boss, who played four years with Big Blue. Boss’ recommendation: If you can, sign. “He’s been talking to me about New York,’’ said Myers, who yesterday signed his contract with the Giants. “I’m blessed to know a guy like that who’s been here and can tell me where to go. He told me what a great organization this is from top to bottom — the facilities to everything. He said it’s a great place to be and told me if I have an opportunity to come here I should definitely think about it.’’ The Giants waited five days into free agency before bringing Myers in for a visit on Saturday, but they had their eyes on him long before the market opened up. They knew it was likely last year’s tight end, Martellus Bennett, would receive a higher offer than the one the Giants presented, and that’s exactly what happened. As soon as free agency kicked off, Bennett signed a four-year, $20 million deal with the Bears. A few days later, the Giants secured Myers, who after three nondescript seasons with the Raiders burst onto the scene in 2012 with some staggering production: 79 receptions, 806 yards and four touchdowns. His 79 catches was 27 more than any other Raiders player and in one game, against the Browns on Dec. 2, Myers tied the Oakland franchise record with 14 catches. This seemingly came out of nowhere; the 27-year-old Myers had a combined total of 32 catches for 250 yards and no touchdowns in this first three years with the Raiders.