Attorneys for Eric Murdock, whose video montage showing the mistreatment of Rutgers University men’s basketball players caused a national uproar last April, have filed a motion to compel depositions by former head coach Mike Rice and former athletics director Tim Pernetti for Murdock’s wrongful termination lawsuit against the university. Murdock served as director of player development on Rice’s staff for two years before his contract was not renewed in June 2012. Murdock, a longtime Bridgewater resident who played nine years in the NBA, claims he was forced out for confronting Rice’s behavior. Rutgers has said Murdock — whose contract was renewable on a year-to-year basis — was not brought back due to insubordination and poor job performance. Rice was fired the day the video aired on ESPN, and Pernetti resigned under pressure shortly thereafter. Rice works for the Hoop Group, a Neptune-based grassroots basketball academy, and Pernetti is chief business officer of New York City FC, an expansion Major League Soccer club. Murdock now owns and runs a restaurant, Stapleton’s, in Raritan. “I’ve been looking to get these depositions of Pernetti and Rice completed since last summer and I haven’t received the cooperation I was expecting,” said Murdock’s lead attorney, Raj Gadhok, of Roseland-based Kozyra & Hartz, when reached via phone Thursday. “Sometimes in these cases your only option left is file a motion with the court, and that’s what I had to do.” Pernetti’s attorney, Vito A. Gagliardi Jr., of Porzio, Bromberg and Newman, disputed the notion behind the motion. “We’ve never objected to Tim Pernetti being deposed. These plaintiff’s lawyers literally disappeared,” Gagliardi said in a phone interview. “We didn’t hear from them at all from August until December and then they said they made a bunch of requests for documents, mostly from Rutgers, and they wanted to set up these depositions. Our only issue is, look, you’ve requested all these documents and if you just take his deposition and then you get these documents, you’re going to want to depose him a second time. Well, we don’t intend to produce him twice. So why don’t you wait until you get the documents and then we’re happy to produce him for a deposition. So I don’t know what motivated them to file this motion, but we don’t have any problem with having to sit down and be deposed.”