The National Football League has long been a man’s game. Carli Lloyd is looking to break the gender barrier by presenting a strong case. And it seems that legendary kicker Morten Andersen is the newest supporter for her camp.

Of course, questions have been raised as to whether women can actually do the job at all. Some believe that the physicality of the game may be too much for female players. Men and women are built differently, after all.

“Will a woman be able to do it? It would be awesome to celebrate that and to include that as part of the nuance of the game,” Anderson said via Pro Football Talk’s Charean Williams. “Wouldn’t that be beautiful? Wouldn’t that open the game, too, to the world? Think about all the young girls, and the hope it would give them. Just that statement that it makes that the league is not only inclusive, but a woman who has a high level of talent and decides to do this is allowed to do it.”

Lloyd has spent her entire athletic career as a soccer player and has the necessary build to succeed as a kicker.