Mick Cronin is looking to get Kevin Johnson more playing time. Johnson, a freshman guard from Summit Country Day, has averaged 12.2 minutes per game. Among UC’s scholarship players, only David Nyarsuk has averaged fewer at 6.6 minutes per game. “I’ve got to play Kevin more,” Cronin said Wednesday. “If you were to say to me where could you improve, I’ve got to play Kevin more. Kevin needs to play better when he’s in and I need to play him more so he can play better. It’s hard for him when I don’t give him enough minutes. Our press will be better. Our defense will be better if I get him in there more minutes.” The problem is that Johnson plays the same position as Sean Kilpatrick, the leading scorer in the American Athletic Conference, and the heart and soul of the UC team. “That makes it tough,” Cronin said. “But I think SK can get just as much done in six less minutes.”