In yesterday's post, I looked at CapGeek's list of the 20 closest comparable cap hits to the deal that Joffrey Lupul had just signed. I cut out the RFAs from the comparison because their contract situation necessarily means that the value of their contracts are not equal. I think compared Lupul to the remaining ten players based on the percentage of the upper level of the salary cap that their cap hit represented in the first year of their deal. This is because a dollar is more valuable if there are fewer available. I also looked at how old the players in the comparison group were when they signed he deal as well as their point per game production in the two years prior to signing the contract. Of that list of deals, there wasn't really any that jumped out as being universally loathed other than Shawn Horcoff's. One issue that caused that, which is what I hope that doesn't happen to Lupul, was that he was essentially left babysitting a team that was made worse and worse. He's a good player but he's not Superman. Anyway, seven of the players have played at least one season under their new deals. So I wanted to get a sense of the production that they had in order to get an idea of what Lupul will have to do in order to fit in as an acceptable contract: