Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane hasn’t stopped letting himself enjoy his second Stanley Cup of his career but he has become smarter about where and how he does it. At the 2012 Blackhawks convention Kane had to answer questions about a public display of partying during a Cinco De Mayo celebration in Madison Wis. and admitted he was embarrassed by it. On Friday at the opening of the 2013 convention the 24-year-old Kane felt he had matured and was more aware of his surroundings when he went out and had fun. “Try to relax try to enjoy it” Kane said of his summer plans. “You know try to keep myself out of trouble I guess and keep myself maturing as a person. It seems to be easier these days as I get older. You’re obviously going to have your fun. “[Whether it’s hard to stay out of trouble] depends on which view point you’re taking. It’s hard to the point where there’s so much social media and so much cameras and people that want to take pictures to where anything you do is going to be under the microscope and people are going to record it. Especially these days to the point where if something even minor I do it’s going to be reported because of things that have happened in the past. You got to be aware of that.” Kane dealt with questions about his off-ice activities at last year’s convention and when he returned from playing in Switzerland during the NHL lockout. Kane didn’t believe it would be an issue going forward.