Friday was a historic day for home runs. For starters, the Twins became the second team in history to hit 100 home runs through 50 team games (they have 101), joining the 1999 Mariners. Minnesota hit their 100th home run in their 98th game last season.

Secondly, MLB teams combined to hit 59 home runs on Friday. That is the second most in a single day in baseball history, trailing only the 62 homers hit on July 2, 2002. Here's the thing though: 16 games were played July 2, 2002, thanks to a doubleheader at Fenway Park. On Friday, only 14 games were played because the Yankees and Royals were rained out.

So far this season a whopping 2,009 home runs have been hit through 753 games. MLB is on pace for 6,483 homers this year -- remember, home run rates usually increase during the hot summer months -- which would shatter the previous record of 6,105 homers set in 2017.