The dust from MLB deciding to move this summer’s All-Star Game out of Atlanta settled a while ago. But three weeks after commissioner Rob Manfred made the bold call to pull the game out of Georgia following the state’s enactment of onerous voting laws, one of baseball’s brightest stars, Dodgers right fielder Mookie Betts, would like to commend MLB for doing the right thing. Even if he’d prefer to talk about something else.

“I’m not a big political guy so it’s kind of tough for me to get into, but just from a quick analysis that’s definitely the right decision and we need to help make some changes and get the world on the same page,” says Betts.

Precisely what or how those changes can be made maybe we’ll find out during our next conversation with the two-time World Series champion who just happens to have MLB’s best-selling jersey. But it was cool to quickly chat up one of baseball’s most dynamic and exciting players about that MLB’s bold move and a bunch of other things like the incredible catch he made in San Diego last weekend, the sizzling Dodgers-Padres rivalry, and Call of Duty’s new “All of Us” campaign—filmed by Gibson Hazard to celebrate the free-to-play game Warzone—that Betts co-stars in.