On our preseason podcast on the 9th of January, I got told. You see, while we were discussing our expectations for Alex Galchenyuk, I said, basically in passing, that I didn't think the Habs were going to make the playoffs this year. Our guest, the supremely awesome Jay Baruchel, disagreed with me, or at least, my giving up too soon. I got told. "What are you, Don Cherry?" Well... no. I'm not, in that I love the Habs, hate the Bruins and Leafs, hate yelling, am not senile or xenophobic, and also I wear mostly grey clothing a lot. But... if Don Cherry wasn't expecting much from the Habs this year (I don't actually know, has anyone asked him?), then in that regard, yes, I am a little bit like Don Cherry. I was really confident that the Habs would have a very disappointing season. The day before the season started, I wrote a post, the latter half of which was based entirely on my unshakeable belief that the Canadiens were going to finish the season in 11th place in the East, or lower. I'm sure I wasn't alone.