When Monta Ellis paid a surprise visit Thursday to "KJ," an Oakland teen who was shot last month, the Warriors shooting guard promised to buy him tickets for today's game but wouldn't guarantee a 40-point showcase against Oklahoma City. One of the league's most dynamic scorers the past three seasons, Ellis is struggling to put up points at his normal rate this season. He's shooting 42 percent from the floor, the lowest percentage since his rookie year, and 25.4 percent from three-point range, down nearly 11 percentage points from last season. But Ellis says fans shouldn't worry about that. They should be concerned with more important things. "Win," Ellis said. "That's all I'm trying to do." Ellis scored a season-low four points in Wednesday's win over Portland, but he had 12 assists to two turnovers. His assist numbers have skyrocketed this season, and many of the helpers are coming within the integrity of the offense. The Warriors are 6-11 overall and 0-4 when Ellis scores 30 or more points. When he's in the 20-to-29 range, they're 4-2. "He understands that when he doesn't have it scoring-wise, great players figure out a way to impact the game," coach Mark Jackson said. "We've seen him long enough to know that (Wednesday) was not his normal game. He's a scorer, but he's an underrated playmaker. He does a great job of reading situations."