Monta Ellis did what he always does. He sat at his locker before Thursday night's game, staring off at nothing in particular. He suited up in silence, donned his blaring headphones as he stretched, and then headed to the Pepsi Center floor to find another helpless defender. If Ellis was annoyed at being left off the Western Conference All-Star team again, it didn't show in egocentric demeanor. In fact, he displayed just the opposite come game time - unselfishly playing a secondary role to point guard Stephen Curry for the betterment of the team. "He's been even more efficient, and his assists have been up," power forward David Lee said. "It's tough, but he's having a great season and is doing a lot for our team." Ellis didn't try to prove anybody wrong Thursday, recognizing early that Curry was feeling it in the Warriors' 109-101 victory over Denver. Ellis had 14 points on 14 field-goal attempts, while Curry went for 36 points, seven rebounds and seven assists to one turnover as the Warriors snapped a six-game losing streak in Denver and won for only the second time in their past 15 chances on the Nuggets' homecourt. Curry was 13-for-17 from the floor, including six three-pointers. But coach Mark Jackson said the more "beautiful" parts of the point guard's game came on defense - where Curry tried to draw several charges and blocked two shots.