To borrow a turn of phrase from former NBA player and current Grantland contributor Jalen Rose, everyone is here to either add, subtract, multiply or divide. He was referring to the dynamics in NBA entourages, but I think it applies to the Bucks in this moment. John Hammond made a bold move before the trade deadline to bring J.J. Redick together with Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis for the stretch run, and so far the result have been mixed. Hammond came to add, Ellis and Redick have multiplied, but Jennings has seemed to subtract and divide from the best moments for the Bucks. Spectacular wins over the Mavericks and Rockets now burn brightly in our minds as signals of hope that the team's modest mission can be fulfilled during remainder of the season. The Bucks have outscored opponents by 2.4 pts / 100 poss in the initial trio of games with Redick (101.6 ORTG, 99.2 DRTG, 53.1 TS%), and all of their numbers are improved from the norms (100.0 ORTG, 101.1 DRTG, 50.8 TS%). The three-game sample isn't a reliable statistical signpost, but things certainly do feel different.