Cleveland Cavaliers starting point guard Derrick Rose was upset following Friday night's 116-97 win against the Milwaukee Bucks, believing a hard hit he took early in the fourth quarter should have been ruled a flagrant foul. Turns out, Rose was correct. On Saturday, following an NBA review, Bucks center Greg Monroe was issued a flagrant foul 1. Rose, who suffered a sprained left ankle on an awkward fall from the hit, is not expected to play in the Cavaliers' game Saturday against Orlando. "I think I'm the only person in the league that's not getting a flagrant for that call, bro," Rose said after the game. "Come on, man. Like, I'm sure I'm the only player, but it is what it is. That's a common foul. Wow. Come on." While driving down the lane, Rose attempted to finish a layup on the left side of the basket. As Monroe tried to contest, he caught Rose around the neck and head area with his left hand and Rose went crashing to the court.