The price tag on A.J. McCarron is dollars now, not draft picks. That makes the idea of acquiring him more palatable as long as it has no measurable effect on the Browns' draft strategy. McCarron's availability, delivered by an arbitrator in a ruling Thursday, puts him in the company of other eligible quarterback targets in free agency. Many are worth acquiring. Few are worth coveting. How's that for a sales pitch? A.J., we want you. Just not desperately and, hopefully, not for long. The Browns have the need, the football acumen in their front office under John Dorsey and the draft position to scout, identify and secure their franchise quarterback. They are uniquely positioned to do so. You could make the case they are purposely positioned to do so. Let's not get into the semantics of "tanking." Let's just say they were pointing toward the 2018 draft and beyond when they assembled a 2017 QB room with zero wins in it. While McCarron showed some promise in limited work for the Bengals, no need to get carried away. He's a fifth-round draft pick from Alabama who made a few starts behind Andy Dalton.