It is finally here. The official start of the 2013 Major League Baseball season is underway with the opening of camp for the Toronto Blue Jays camp in Dunedin. We have spent countless hours geeking ourselves up for what promises to be an exciting season, discussing the possibilities, and building up our expectations.Now the real work falls on the team and we, as fans, get to watch as it all unfolds. One of the more interesting angles that will unravel shortly will be the status of Adam Lind and what role he will serve the team, both in 2013 and beyond. It is no secret that 2012 was an utter disappointment for Lind, who has seemingly regressed during his prime rather than step up his game. He finished the season with an unbelievably bad .255 batting average, .729 OPS, 11 home runs, and 45 RBI. It was his third consecutive season of playing at or below replacement level, so it is no mystery of why Jays fans are clamboring for him to be replaced. That said, Lind will be given the chance to prove himself yet again in 2013, albeit with a relatively short leash. His performance in the second half of last season, where his OPS was 100 points higher than the first half has earned him that much.