For Mo Williams, the removal of Billy Hunter from his role as the National Basketball Players Association union chief was important stuff. "We are going forward as a union," the injured Jazz point guard said, "to try and get everything back on track. Obviously some things have been going on that we, as players, are trying to get more information about." Hunter was placed on an indefinite leave of absence after an independent investigation revealed that Hunter withheld knowledge that his contract did not undergo the proper approval process, used poor judgment in hiring practices and spent union money inappropriately. Ron Klempner, a longtime union lawyer, was appointed acting successor to Hunter until the NBPA could vote on its next step. Hunter was in the public spotlight during last year's lockout, which limited the NBA regular season to 66 games. Williams, the Jazz's player rep, said the lockout made players more aware of union issues. "The more guys who showed up during the lockout," he said, "the more guys we saw who were confused, if I can say that. So the more we can get everybody educated what's going on, the better it will be. … We can do better if everybody is involved. Hopefully, this is a step in the right direction."