The off-season continues in the NBA, a season of change that ushers in a new face or a former face that gets shown the door. The reasons vary, the factors behind each move as complicated as any defensive scheme designed to get the ball out of LeBron James’ hands. Not all moves are popular, in some cases change is initiated for the sake of change, but at least there’s closure and time to properly address whatever vacancy needs to be filled. In Toronto, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment continues to dither, leaving both Bryan Colangelo and by extension Dwane Casey in limbo when so much can be done at this point of the off-season, even in the absence of games not being played. Perception and profit are the two guiding forces behind this faceless and completely clueless ownership group and a board that borders on the gutless. What’s sad is how irrelevant the Raptors have become, how incompletely inconsequential this franchise has evolved into, one that on