It almost sounds like the start of one of Jerry Seinfeld's bits: What's the deal with all the no-hitters?

The comedian is famously a fan of the New York Mets, and true to form, the Mets' only no-hitter came with the controversy of a blown call that would have changed the outcome of the game had it been ruled differently (Sorry, Johan Santana). But that could soon change. Jacob deGrom seems due for one, right? Or maybe it's Long Island's own Marcus Stroman. 

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Anything is possible in the year of the no-hitter.

No-hitters used to be a rare feat. It was special to be in attendance for one, feeling like you and everyone else in the stadium were a part of something historic, almost willing the pitcher to throw strikes and the outfielders to make leaping grabs at the wall. 

It's still special, particularly since so few people are allowed inside most parks because of COVID-19 restrictions, but it doesn't feel like such a rare occasion anymore. Four have already been tossed this season, matching the total from 2019, although two of them were combined no-hitters.