Go ahead, be honest.

You didn’t really miss us in the media this year – the reporters and camera crews, banned from the clubhouse during the pandemic, who always manage to turn 32 flavorful quotes into a big scoop of vanilla.

Instead, fans had to lean on the players to offer their own behind-the-scenes content and tell their own stories.

And with players directly connecting with the fans like never before, they sure provided the entertainment – without the need for a paywall.

There was Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson homering off Cincinnati Reds ace Trevor Bauer a week ago, and no pen or paper was needed to hear Anderson yell into the microphone attached to his jersey:

“Make sure you tell him to put that on his YouTube channel too. Vlog about that.’’

Bauer responded after the game on a Zoom call, without being prompted: “Tell TA he’s soft for not bat-flipping it.’’

How about some humor?

Well, you got  to hear Oakland Athletics designated hitter Mark Canha discuss his conversation with manager Bob Melvin while sitting on the bench and talking to the broadcast booth.