Joey Gallo's way of playing baseball isn't easy to recommend, but it sure works for him.

Increasingly so, in fact. After slamming 81 home runs across the 2017 and 2018 MLB seasons, Gallo is already up to 14 in 2019. The Texas Rangers' 25-year-old slugger is also working on a career-best 1.079 OPS.

The highlight of Gallo's season came May 8 against the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park. He hit the 100th home run of his career, and—naturally—it was a moonshot.

Now that he has that out of the way, all Gallo needs to do is hit the 100th single of his career.

OK, "needs" is probably putting it too strongly. But it is true that Gallo has more homers (102) than singles (98) to this point, and that's as strange as one would think.

Of the 4,021 players who've had at least 1,000 plate appearances in the majors, Gallo is the only one with a homer-to-single ratio greater than 1.0. Moreover, the next-closest guy is not particularly close.