Mat Latos -- an ex-MLB pitcher who made $28 mil in the bigs -- has been ordered to stay away from his ex-girlfriend after allegedly slashing her tires and threatening to kill her. 

TMZ Sports has obtained court docs which show Mat's ex-girlfriend went to authorities in Florida to report several incidents in which she claims Mat physically and emotionally abused her ... dating back to 2017. 

According to court docs, the woman claims the first incident occurred back in Sept. '17 -- when Mat got angry and flipped over a bed while she was still on it. 

"He tackled me to the floor, picked me up and slammed me on the couch where he got on top of me pressing his forearm on my throat."

The woman claims Latos then backed her into a wall and told her, "I'll f**king kill you."

"He then spit on me, put water in his mouth and spit more."

She claims the abuse continued in January 2018 -- when Latos locked her in her closet.