The MLB Players Association reportedly believes MLB and team owners are using underhanded tactics in order to sway public support as the two sides remain at an impasse over player salaries during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

MLB Network's Jon Heyman reported Thursday the MLBPA wrote in an internal memo it is "livid" over the leak of an email reported on by the New York Post's Joel Sherman.

According to Sherman, the email addressed how much players would be compensated during a regular season staged without fans in attendance:

"The Post, however, has obtained a March 26 email from an MLB lawyer to top league officials that documents the substance of talks between two MLB officials and two MLBPA officials from earlier that morning. The email covers seven points, including that MLB explained to the union officials that MLB would need a second negotiation if games were not played in front of fans to determine pay and claims that union officials understood that concept.