Back in September, before the fall and winter leagues began, Jonathan Mayo of prepared a top 20 list for each team's prospects. While the list started out well enough, there were all kinds of problems with it, such as the inclusion of J.C. Linares, Miguel Celestino, and Chris Carpenter, Kolbrin Vitek still at #13 despite his struggles, Anthony Ranaudo coming in at #7... as said, there were lots of issues, detailed at the time of its publication. This time around, though, with the pre-season top 20s now being released, things seem a bit more like you would expect them to. There are still some players to quibble with in the back-end of the top 20, but that has more to do with how Boston's depth is constructed: there are lots of options for the last few spots, and likely little in the way of wrong answers, given how much of this is built on personal preference. Let's compare the September list with this new one, to see how significant the changes are.