The Yankees need starting pitching.

So, it would only make sense that general manager Brian Cashman has touched bases with the Tigers on strikeout machine Matthew Boyd.

But, at the moment, the price Detroit has set for the 28-year-old left-hander may be “over the moon,” according to the MLB Network’s Jon Heyman.

Here’s what Heyman said on the most recent “Big Time Baseball” podcast:

“He is clearly available and what I’m of the understanding is that the asking price is huge on him. He strikes out close to 12 per nine. He walks fewer than two. People like that these days. They really look at the strikeout and walk ratio and his is excellent. His record and his ERA may not be quite as good but he’s very popular out there. From what I’m hearing from other GMs at the moment is that the asking price at the moment is ‘over the top.’ That’s the expression that I’ve heard from a couple of general managers who are interested. I hear that the asking price is high and others over the top sounds extremely high. I don’t blame Detroit for asking for the moon. We’ve still got almost a month to go before the deadline. Certainly can do that. But I do think that this is the time for the Tigers to make that trade. They’re still a rebuilding team. He’s got a couple of years to go (before free agency). His value is high. My ultimate belief on this is that they do need to trade Matthew Boyd.”