As baseball gets set for play on July 15, we’re just 16 days away from the July 31 MLB trade deadline.

While much can change in that time, it certainly feels like we’re in a strong sellers market.

With only eight teams (Mets, Marlins, White Sox, Mariners, Blue Jays, Royals, Tigers, Orioles) more than five games out of a postseason spot, an issue of supply and demand is evident. That math leaves 22 contenders in pursuit of upgrades, with only the rosters of eight teams to bid on.

So the latest report on the market (as a whole and Mets righty Zack Wheeler) from ESPN’s Buster Olney should come as no surprise.

Executives say that the prices in the trade market continue to be enormous. Teams are asking for very high-end prospects even for rentals, impending free agents such as the New York Mets’ Zack Wheeler.

Wheeler, 29, makes sense for teams like the Yankees, Phillies, Braves and Brewers.