The Yankees do not want to trade Clint Frazier.

It's understandable. There is nothing worse for an MLB team than trading a player or designating one for assignment and seeing them succeed with other teams.

The Astros still regret letting J.D. Martinez walk and New York could very well do the same if they trade Frazier.

But no matter how much the Yankees don't want to trade the 2013 No. 5 pick, absolutely no player in baseball is untradeable.

So who would the Yankees trade Frazier for? We took a shot at guessing who it might take, and also, who we doubt they would deal him for, and for good measure, who they might possibly deal him for.

Players the Yankees would want for Clint Frazier

Noah Syndergaard, pitcher, Mets

Yes, Syndergaard has underachieved this year. Yes, he struggles to stay healthy and has had difficulty adjusting to the game in 2019. But, he has already dominated in a World Series, he is just 26 years old, he has two years of team control remaining and still has some of the best stuff in all of MLB. New York would likely give up Frazier to get him, it's just a matter if the Mets make him available.

Luis Castillo, pitcher, Reds

The Yankees would give up Clint Frazier along with a package of several players in a heartbeat to get Castillo. The 26-year-old has four years of team control remaining and at 26, New York would be getting every single year in his prime. And his prime is All-Star level. New York would have zero hesitation in giving up Frazier to get Castillo, but the bad news is, one source was not optimistic when speaking to SNY about a possible Castillo trade to anyone: "Do u do stand up comedy in ur spare time ? That's hilarious ! Nfw !"

Players the Yankees likely would not trade Clint Frazier for

Madison Bumgarner, pitcher, Giants

This one is tough because Bumgarner does have the playoff pedigree to warrant a move like this, but he is a rental. He will be a free agent after this season and to think the Yankees will give up a player with multiple years of control like Frazier to get Bumgarner doesn't fit general manager Brian Cashman's MO.