Major League Baseball continues to hit home runs on the business side. According to sources at the league, 2017 marks the 15th consecutive year MLB has seen record gross revenues, surpassing the $10 billion mark for the first time. By comparison, the league saw revenues approaching $9.5 billion at the end of the 2015 season. The growth is due in large part to baseball’s compelling postseason play over the last several years, media rights—both traditional television and digital--and continued labor peace. Several key growth factors influenced the bottom line positively this year. The league continues to benefit from the realignment of the various business arms of the league. Under commissioner Rob Manfred, the league has created what is called “One Baseball” by which digital, sponsorships, television, and others cross pollinate to allow partners to promote across the platforms. That alignment has helped grow league-wide sponsorships in double-digits for 2017.