Owners from all 30 Major League Baseball teams convened on a conference call Monday, according to sources, and reiterated the desire to begin the season. 

If any owner has gotten to the point where he does not see the value in playing a truncated schedule, he did not express that to his colleagues. Add that to the players' consistent stance that they want to play, and there remains the expectation that the 2020 season will be salvaged. 

Earlier on Monday, we outlined what a final agreement between MLB and the Players Association might look like. But there is another option, too, and one that virtually assures a season will be played. 

The agreement reached on March 26 between the PA and the league allowed commissioner Rob Manfred to begin the season without an additional negotiation, provided that teams pay players full pro-rated salaries. If this were to happen, the season would likely be in the range of 50 games, a number first reported by ESPN.