On paper, the Yankees seem like the team to beat in the American League East. After all, they came within a game of reaching the 2017 World Series, and all they did during the offseason was add NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton and his 59 home runs to the lineup. But to win the division, the Yankees will have to go through the Boston Red Sox, who were the division champs in 2017. Boston is trying to keep pace with the Yankees by adding free-agent slugger JD Martinez to a lineup in desperate need of some power. But so far, those talks have gone nowhere. And part of the reason may be what the Red Sox are offering Martinez: five years and $100 million. Those numbers come from Alex Speier of the Boston Globe. Yankees positional breakdown Those numbers are also lower than the five years and $125 million the Red Sox were believed to have offered earlier this offseason.