Free agent third baseman Mike Moustakas and the Yankees have been in occasional contact in recent days, though Yankees people suggest the signing of any star remains unlikely at this moment due to concerns over the luxury-tax threshold and potential loss of a draft pick. Moustakas would enhance and balance what’s arguably baseball’s most dangerous and dynamic lineup (the Astros and Nats have a case there, too), but people close to the team continue to suggest a Moustakas signing remains a “long shot.” While Moustakas would give them another big left-handed hitter along with Greg Bird and Didi Gregorius to go with right-handed slugging stars Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and Gary Sanchez, the Yankees seem more focused on pitching options that would be less expensive and more easily fit into their budget at the moment. They have been talking to teams about trades, though the likelihood of a deal with the intra-division rival Rays, the team with the most/best pitchers for trade (Chris Archer, Jake Odorizzi) seem remote.